Monday, June 30, 2008

Animation Mentor BBQ

I had a amazing time over the weekend and drove down to San Francisco to go to the annual Animation Mentor BBQ. It was a awesome experience and I wish I could have stayed longer and got some photos. I was stoked to finally meet Carlos Baena he is one of my favorite animator's to date. His shots are the most memorable in Pixar's films from The Incredibles all the way to finding Nemo... I had to tell him how much his stuff was an inspiration to me over the years and it was hard not to be all "gitty" and star struck... BUt once we started talking it felt like I had known him for years.....we laughed about everything from skateboarding to animation to life n general... I didn't speak with Bobby but he was an awesome energy to be around and I look forward to meeting him when I go out to Siggraph... I was pretty bummed that I didn't talk and mingle with some of the people I wanted 2 :-( I didn't want to break up some on going conversations. I guess I felt a little intimidated and shy for the first time in my life. So I found one pic with me in it that was on Carlos's website and I hope I get the picture I took with him when we met. Im gonna bug him about that one :-)

am bbq _ Photoby Carlos Baena


Bobby Beck said...

Yo, sorry we didn't get to meet! I 'll be counting on you hunting me down at Siggraph! WOOT!


Derek Osborne said...


What's this? I'm seeing a 'I won't be there next term' message on Mariya's blog? DUUUD you're killin me!

I hope life finds you well this next few months Mr York and I will say it has been my great pleasure to get to know you, I will anxiously await your return to our humble little Class 1 group of friends.

My best to you in your new job and I'm sure we'll cross paths soon enough.


Dave Humphreys said...


Looks like you had an awesome time dude, i dont blame you for being shy, i bet bobby has a visible aura of awesome :) (yes i think "awesome" could be a super power too)

Have a great break dude and ill see you in school next quarter!

good luck with the job too man, im sure you will be great!