Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bobby Beck Interview

If you get some time you might want to listen to one of my favorite animator's latest interview over at Pixel Heads Network. His name is Bobby Beck he is one of my mentor's at Animation Mentor as well as one of the co founders of the school. He also works at Pixar :)

Bobby Beck, Animation Mentor Founder; Interview Questions:

1. Tell us about your gig at Pixar.
2. How much creative freedom do animators get?
3. Do you prefer full creative freedom or director guidelines?
4. Tell us about Animation Mentor.
5. How important is it for animators to learn quickly?
6. What applications should an animator be familiar with?
7. Is creativity or application knowledge more important?
8. How important is acting to animators?
9. How important is it to be a life observer?
10. How competitive is it for animators?
11. What one quality does an animator need to stand out from the crowd?
12. How hard is it to impress experienced animators today if you are starting out?
13. What are your thoughts on animation for the web?

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