Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mentor for Class 3

So I just started Class 3 at ANimation Mentor last week and my new mentor is Jay Jackson

Here is a little screengrab of me and him chattin it up :)

As a CG animator at Sony Imageworks, he worked on Open Season, Monster House and The Aviator. Recently, he returned to hand-drawn animation on The Simpsons Movie. Then he helped animate The Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios. He's currently animating the prologue for a live-action film. Jay Jackson has worked as an animator on 25 films since he moved from Kansas City to Los Angeles in 1979. After training under Eric Larsen, one of Disney’s Nine Old Men, he started on The Fox and The Hound. In his 15 years at Disney, his favorite assignments were animating scenes of Sebastian the crab and the dance sequence “Under da Sea” in The Little Mermaid, and supervising the Ape Family in Tarzan. At Turner Features, he was a co-lead animator on Danny the Cat in Cats Don’t Dance.

I am really excited to learn from someone so knowledgeable and well known in the industry. I am really looking forward to finally getting into the acting shots with dialog :)

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