Friday, March 20, 2009

Special Lecture - Kenn McDonald, Animation Supervisor on WATCHMEN

On Thursday, I got to ask the Animation Supervisor from WATCHMEN some questions, How frickin cool is that.. I also got to learn about what went into animating the WATCHMEN’S Doctor Manhattan..

It was a short lecture and Q&A but it was well worth every minute. There were sooo many animation mentor students there it was crazy. The site bogged down a tad but not on my side so that was cool. He was saying there were over 300 animation controls on the Doc's face and they only had a crew of like 7 animators for the entire project. I was really shocked to hear that. Overall another great Q&A and it's so incredible to get the chance to talk with all of these people I look up to and strive to become. I am so glad I entered Animation Mentor Its a wonderful learning experience.

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