Saturday, May 16, 2009

Monster's VS Aliens Q&A

So thank god my awesome classmate Karen Trieu reminded me of the Q&A the other night it was frickin awesome. It was great to meet Morgan Kelly and ask him some questions. I got to ask 6 questions and I got some really good responses. One of the things I was asking was if location has anything to do with the hiring process over at Dreamworks. He pretty much summed it up as NO not at all. Bottom line is if you have a good demo reel no matter where you are in the country odds are the studio will do whatever it takes to get you down. What made me ask this was Pixar is now opening up a new studio in Vancouver, Canada.

I was wondering why that was. But apparently it's to go soak up the talent pool in Canada. So in conclusion its not where you live and it makes no difference...Sure it helps :) but dont go thinking just cause you live next door to the studio and bug them all the time that its going to get you in th door. The best way in is a good demo reel PERIOD.

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