Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Class 4 is Over :(

Wow time seems to be flying by lately hahah Class 4 has just ended and I cant believe how hard acting really is I am amazed at all of the lil details that need to go into animations to make the feel alive and fleshy and so the audience believes what the character is feeling or portraying. I have learned soooo much over the last 11 weeks and I am super excited to now start my 1st animated short... So many ideas so little of time to choose LOL

Nicole is really a great mentor and friend now and If your hiring she's looking for work and her DEMo Reel is frickin awesome !! She's worked on some amazing projects for Sony and I cant wait to hopefully work by her side some day down the road :)

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Dhar said...

It has been an awesome class. You have done superb my friend. All the best to you and see you next term.