Saturday, March 13, 2010

GDC 2010

This week I had the chance to go out to the Game Developers Conference and every moment of this weekend felt like it was meant to be and I was completely in the NOW...I don't think I could have had a better time out there. Not only was I in my favorite city but I learned a TON of stuff this year about how to start up my own video game company and met some really great contacts to make it happen. This week I felt like I was surrounded by people that I was supposed to be around.....really hard to explain....everything just felt.......RIGHT

There is no better feeling than this. I live for it and it feels great to be back in the now completely. Times I have felt centered and connected to the flow of the universe but now more than ever its frickin Oozing out of my ears HAHhahaha Feels like I am on cloud nine and I never want to get off or break out of this groove. I met with some amazing people from Ubisoft and even got invited to their private party : ) I was totally getting tugged both ways to go to Toronto and Montreal by all of the staff and crew there hahah I would love to work for Ubisoft and hope to hear back from them . It would be a DREAM call to get. I am super excited right now and really look forward to what might be coming up next for me in the future.

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