Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Visit to Purdue !!

This past week I was out in Indiana to give a lecture at Purdue University and I was really amazed to see how much the universe can bring you great things if you just let it hah. There was something special about this trip I met some amazing people that I will know for the rest of my life and feel like I was meant to go out there in some weird way....

Day 1
I showed up at the airport anxious as ever not knowing what to expect from the week. When I got to the airport I was shocked to see these cool little luggage chair's made from really old suitcases I had to snag a picture of it and sit down.

After I got picked up from the Airport me and Ray went down to a Italian and my plate was sooooo huge I ate left overs 2 times off of it. The portion sizes out there were huge like I was in Texas or something.

Day 2
Was a day of fun in the sun. My lecture wasn't until the the 3rd day I was out here so I decided to do some exploring around campus and there was a TON of stuff to skate and good thing I didn't get busted by the cops because this place was epic and I really enjoyed skating there. Here is a little something I skated while I was out there it was a huge sculpture in the middle of the campus hah.

__ ___

Day 3

This was the day I gave my lecture. I was overwhelmed by the response from the audience and how many emails I received shortly after speaking. I met some really amazing talented individuals that day and almost couldn't leave the building just chatting it up with everyone from all sorts of different artistic backgrounds and discussing what they want to do with their future. and what steps I think they should take. It was a honor that these people even wanted my opinion and I couldn't believe I was actually there to begin with it was a very humbeling experience.


Day 4

Went to the famous Burger and Root Beer place you can go to called the XXX

this place was awesome and you could tell it was the local favorite place to eat. There were only a few spots open to sit down at because of how crowded it was. ALso a HUGE dissapointment :( they are famous for their Rootbeer and they were all out HAHaha what kind of crap is that.. Umm you fail XXX maybe you should turn into a gentlemens club instead lol

Day 5 - 6

Both of these days were amazing and I shared it with a Amazing person and I think she knows who she is :) Life gives you moments Ive realized lately that you can't ignore and even if you may never experience that moment or feeling again you just have to be thankful for the moments you did have and how special they felt. I love life and its days like these that make me ALIVE!!!

Day 7

At this time I was running on 2 days with about 1 hour of sleep hahahah I felt like a zombie going out to the airport LOL everyone was looking at me like OMG that guy looks like he's gonna die from sleep deprevation or he's still drunk from the night before or something hahah.

I was very spoiled when I was out there and stayed in my old bosses house in their spare bedroom and If they ever read this blog someday I want them to know I appreciated every single thing they did for me. His wife Shandora was sooo kind to me and was a great hostess and I shall send them a thank you card for everything they did. They let me use their car and I even brought it back late :( I felt soooo bad but soooo appreciative of everything. Thank you Purdue and Ray for bringing me out there on a full paid extravaganza and Im really looking forward to going back again someday.


Danielle said...

Congrats Mike! That's really awesome!

Sounds like it was a great experience! Was this your first time doing something like this?

Mike York said...

Hey Danielle,

Well it was def a first time getting everything paid for by the school. They literally flew me out there paid for my food everything. But I have given a bunch of lectures at other schools and also taught Animation for a little while in Cali so this is def not a first time. But lecturing at a place that is this HUGE and large of scale HELLZ YEAH !! I mean cmon its PURDUE University !!

Anonymous said...

Great blog post Mike. Your lecture was really valuable. So far lecturers from industry have been very good, but yours was a story that more of us students could relate to. You should feel happy, you've convinced me to start a blog when no one so far had. Whether or not it blossoms, we shall see, but as you said, we have to put ourselves out there. Good luck to your future prospects Mike.